Tahini Hulled

Tahini Hulled

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Tahini Verias - Kandylas is a 100% natural product. For its production, the best varieties of sesame seeds are harvested, following the traditional and at the same time strictly certified process, the sesame is peeled, baked and ground in the stone mills to produce the unique Tahini flavor.

The company always chooses with regard to the quality, the varieties it will use. Tahini is divided into two types. Tahini Veria Wholewheat (unhulled sesame seed), in which sesame is ground to its bark and thus holds more plant nutritional fibers. And Tahini Veria (hulled) with peeled sesame seeds, which has a lighter taste and texture.

Tahini is a highly beneficial product. Its production is done without the use of additional materials and so the body receives all the benefits of the sesame. It is an ideal substitute for animal proteins especially during fasting periods. Because of the fiber it helps in the good functioning of the digestive system. It helps the heart function better because of the polyunsaturated fat. Helps reduce cholesterol.

Consumption can be done in many ways. A spoonful of plain Tahini every morning is a source of energy for a difficult day. Mixing it with honey and spreading it into bread or toast is a proposal for a nutritious breakfast. It can be used to prepare sauce for salads or for accompanying meat or fish. Finally it is used in many confectionery recipes.